99-11 Ford F250/F350 Super Duty Air Suspension Kit

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Do you ever get the feeling that your truck isn’t driving as smoothly as it could be? When you add weight to your vehicle, do you immediately notice a difference in control? Do you wish you could load up your vehicle but still keep the smooth level ride?

Pacbrake’s air suspension kits simply provide you with added support and better control for an overall smoother, safer ride. Made with 2 ply rubber, these double convoluted air springs (air bag) can solve many of your everyday towing/hauling problems, such as vehicle sag, sway and bottoming out.

Pacbrake’s truck air bags ( air springs ) allow you to easily level out your truck’s stance for any towing / hauling situation with the ability to adjust the amount of air in each (bag) spring. Filling the springs can be done in two ways, the most standard being our manual fill kits that provide you with easily accessible fill valves located near your rear license plate OR the more convenient option would be adding onboard air to your truck and operating your air suspension system right from the driver’s seat. Pacbrake air springs work in addition to your existing suspension, not as a substitution. It is important to note that by installing an air suspension kit, your max load capacity (GVWR) does not increase.

IMPORTANT: This air suspension kit will not increase the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), as the GVWR is determined by the axle rating. Do NOT exceed the maximum capacity listed by the vehicle manufacturer.

CAUTION: This kit includes “push to connect” airline fittings. They require the end of the airline to be round, square and cleanly cut to ensure the internal seal will not leak. The airline must only be cut with a sharp razor knife or hose cutter.


Our Price: $320.00


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