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Jackalope Diesel Nationals               2010 Sema Show                         2011 Desert Diesel Nationals           Canadian National Shootout

2013 Big Sky Truck Fest   2009 Truck Fest                               2009 Truck Fest – Sled Pulls


The DIRTYMAX in Brainerd, MN DIRTYMAX vs Warren County @ World Finals
The DIRTYMAX showing off it’s famous black smoke
before taking a run down the drag strip. (duration: 0:38)
DIRTYMAX taking the win against Warren County
at the the World Finals in Texas. (duration: 0:23)

Onboard the DIRTYMAX Armour Inc. Pass
2011 An onboard shot of a pass at the 2011 Desert
Diesel Nationals. (duration: 3:10)
Armour Inc.’s pass at the 2011 Desert Diesel
Nationals. (duration: 0:22)

Chad Riley Successful Second Pass
Chad Riley making a pass at the 2011 Desert
Diesel Nationals. (duration: 0:09)
After the tranny shifts into neutral, the truck is
reset and Graydon makes a successful second
pass. (duration: 0:31)

Second Pass or At Least an Attempt DIRTYMAX at the Desert Diesel Nationals
A short burnout for pass #2. Graydon stages the
truck,and as he goes to launch, the tranny shifts
him into neutraland leaves him dead in the water.
(duration: 1:47)
The third and final pass of the race. (duration: 0:32)

DIRTYMAX Burnout Mark Ventling @ World Finals
This is the third run of the race. Graydon had a
sweet burnout on this run. (duration: 0:09)
Mark Ventling ran an 11.29 at the World Finals in
Topeka, Kansas. (duration: 1:23)

DIRTYMAX at the Texas Diesel Nationals DIRTYMAX vs. Banks
This was taken from inside the truck at the Texas
Diesel Nationals. It was pretty crazy to see the
door gap as the truck goes down the track. (duration: 0:42)
This is not a complete video of the race! The camera
shut off in the middle of the race because the SD
card was full. It’s still a cool partial race and it was
awesome getting to see it live. (duration: 0:10)

Mark Ventling vs. Scheid Diesel 2008 Big Sky Truck Fest-Chantal
Mark vs. Scheid Diesel at the NHRDA World Finals
in Topeka Kansas. (duration: 2:05)
Chantal Hale racing at the 2008 Big Sky Truck
Fest (duration: 0:23)

2008 Big Sky Truck Fest Mark Ventling’s 01 Duramax
Head to Head Duramax Drag Race (duration: 0:22) Mark Ventling racing at Bandimere Speedway at
the 2009 Cummins Rocky Mountain Truck Fest.
(duration: 0:14)

Cummins Twin Turbo Rat Rod
Smokin’ down the track at the 2009 Big Sky Truck
Fest.Rat Rod built by WelderUp with the engine
built by G & J Diesel. (duration: 0:14)

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